Thanks to all God wonderful people!

The Month of December has been long and yet gone very fast, we had decided not to do Christmas, getting funding is so hard, we decided food we would ask for but not gifts for the Food Backpack Program;
Our heavenly Father sent people to us, in order to do this Program though many of God wonderful servants;
Word can not Express; God wonderful gifts though the giving and loving people ” HIS PEOPLE”
Thank you!!!

We have ask church’s for food drive had great response from most but some do not see or feel there is a need to help with this Saving our Children and keeping them in School Pray for all of us


And the 5th day of December!

The Lord sent many blessing our way today.
A wonderful friend from OK came in for a visit.
She worked at the Outreach fill food backpack for the children.
Each week we are trying to place a surprise in their food back packs.

Thank all for prays and their help in assisting Owsley County Outreach in Gods
work to feed the children in need on the weekends.

Mat God continue to bless you all

The reason for the season!

It is the time of the year to reach out and help one who need a hand up!
We run and buy lots of stuff for other who have and get more, trying sharing as the little boy with 3 fish and five loafs, we saw what a blessing he received, and what our Lord and Savior gave from that.

It does not have to big money it can be a act of kindness, buy one a very small treat, tell some one you love them.

Priceless and I Love You! With a smile showing you mean it.
A hug, and a gentle word of kindness.

Owsley County O…

Owsley County Outreach
606-593-8292 office
606-493-6007 cell
P.O Box 133
Booneville, KY 41314

The oldest mountains in America are rich in natural beauty with their raging creeks, steep hollows and old pines. They are also one of the poorest, in America.

ABC News did a story on Owsley County after the census report was published and found that Owsley had the lowest median household income outside of Puerto Rico. In 2010, the median income decreased to $18,869 from $20,346 in 2000. At one time, Owsley was a coal mining and lumbering community. Today, neither industry exists in any meaningful way. Chronic unemployment, coupled with increasing drug abuse issues, including a meth problem, have left families in poverty. (Meth use and production continue to grow in our rural areas at an alarming rate. For an excellent read on this crisis in America, I highly suggest Meth Land by Nick Reding). Census statistics
: Owsley County, Kentucky. The county is in the heart of Appalachia, “we see hunger here in Owsley County.”

One of the OCO’s largest programs is its Food Backpack Program. Each Friday children are sent home with backpacks filled with seven easily prepared meals and two to three snacks. The Outreach center found that many children were not eating over the weekends–their last meal would be Friday during their school lunch and their next meal wouldn’t come until Monday morning at school. Almost unfathomable isn’t it? This was due to poverty, their parent’s drug use and/or a combination of both.
it is difficult to reach children when school is not in session to give them food. They w face the same issue in San Francisco, and other cities “but here, children cannot walk to a nearby distribution center, our kids live 20 miles from the school. They can’t walk 20 miles into town to get food.” that many children in Owsley live with their elderly grandparents which diminishes their mobility, this was mostly due to the parents’ drug problems.
One of OCOC board members stated, “Living 3 hours away, it would be easy to ignore the problem. And even easier not to drive down with a busload of clothes and groceries, as he is known to often do. “I want to give back. My dad, who passed several years ago, was very passionate about helping Owsley. He then told me a story about when he gave a pair of Nike sneakers to a young boy who was visiting the OCO. The boy was thrilled. “Once you see it and feel it, you’re in good shape. You know every little bit helps.”

What You Can Do For Owsley County!
I asked Mr. Turner and he said, (President of Board of OCOC) “We need money and food.” We are concerned that perhaps it sounded too blunt to say that money was needed. The truth is, nonprofits need money. It is how programs run. The food in the backpacks is purchased at reduced rates, but it is still purchased. We have rent, utilities etc. (NO Salary’s)
This grassroots organization needs funds to keep their programs running and keep kids fed over the weekend. To make donation go to

As Mr. Turner ended our call he said, “Any little bit helps.”
Prayers are GREAT! In God We Trust

Owsley County, KY


  • 30.23% have less than 9th grade Education
  • 18.43% have only 9-12 grade education
  • 31% have only a High School Diploma
  • 9.43% have some college but did not get degree
  • 52% have less than High school Education
  • Nearly one third (31%) (Annie EKU Foundation) of Moms in Owsley County do not have a high school diploma.
  • The U.S. Census of 2000 shows that there are 160 grandparents that are living in Owsley County, and of those 160 grandparents there are 140 that are considered responsible for the children that live with them.
  • 832 public school students of Owsley County rank in the lowest 10% of students tested in the state of Kentucky.

Our Backpacks Program

The Food Backpack Program sends filled backpacks home each weekend with seven easily prepared meals and two to three snacks with the children. These children have been identified
by teachers and school Resource Center personnel as having little or no food from Friday’s school lunch until breakfast on Monday at 7:30 AM.

Read more about our Backpacks Program on our web site. >>.

A donation of $5.00 will fill a backpack that will feed a child for a weekend.